301 Kenwood Pkwy, Minneapolis, MN 55403 | Lowry Hill

This architectural gem in Lowry Hill, adjacent to the renowned Walker Art Center and Sculpture Garden, brings a distinctive living experience. Boasting panoramic city views, outdoor terraces, and inviting entrances, the condos perfectly blend modern comfort with cultural vibrancy. 301 Kenwood Parkway central location, residents are mere steps away from the downtown business district and the scenic Loring Park.

301 Kenwood Parkway For Sale & Lease

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With its iconic location, 301 Kenwood Parkway is an emblem of exclusivity. The eight-story building houses a select 13 units, each spanning over an impressive 4300 square feet on average. This residential haven manages to offer both spaciousness and an intimate community feel. The modern, all-glass exterior of the building further complements the unique architecture of the Lowry Hill neighborhood while also reflecting the building's commitment to contemporary design. Residents also have the luxury of exploring the historic neighborhoods of Kenwood and Lowry Hill, making 301 Kenwood Parkway an urban paradise for those seeking a balance between city living and historical charm.


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