510 Groveland | 510 Groveland Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403 

Welcome to the epitome of timeless elegance, 510 Groveland. Situated in the Lowry Hills neighborhood, this iconic condominium complex represents luxury dating back to the late 1920s. With its magnificent stone exterior and refined interiors, which include a stunning lobby, lounge, and the exceptional P.S. Steak - a four-star restaurant established in 1978 on its ground floor - 510 Groveland offers a living experience steeped in history and sophistication. Explore the 510 Groveland Condos for an upscale living experience that transcends time.

510 Groveland Condos For Sale

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More about 510 Groveland 

510 Groveland stands as a testament to America's pre-war refinement, featuring some of the first truly luxury condos constructed in the late 1920s. This historic property quickly became a sought-after address for Lowry Hills' elite, who were drawn to its upscale aesthetic and exceptional location.

Its stone exterior, as grand today as it was back then, holds within it an equal measure of magnificence. Upon entering, you are welcomed by the stunning lobby and lounge, designed with the same attention to detail and respect for history that defines 510 Groveland. These spaces open up into a four-star restaurant, built in 1978, which adds a layer of culinary indulgence to the property's offerings.

Over the years, 510 Groveland has maintained its distinctive allure, blending historical charm with modern conveniences. This perfect balance of old and new, coupled with its prestigious location, makes it an exceptional choice for those seeking luxury condos for sale in Minneapolis. Explore the unique aesthetic and refined standards of living offered at 510 Groveland and experience a slice of history in every corner.



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