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Isaac Kuehn - The Advisors MPLS

Isaac Kuehn

As a Minneapolis native through and through, Isaac Kuehn serves the area he knows best. Born and raised in Minnesota, Isaac focuses his real estate efforts on Urban real estate in the Minneapolis area. His personal experience in the city as a resident and a realtor has given him the ability to speak first-hand about the areas his clients are looking to move to.

Isaac began his real estate career at a young age while he was still in high school. From his first taste in the industry, he knew it’s what he wanted to pursue. During his senior year of high school, at the age of 18, Isaac got his first internship at a real estate company. Upon graduation in 2017, Isaac immediately stepped into the scene and began selling. One of Isaac’s proudest accomplishments is receiving his real estate license while he was still in high school, a pretty remarkable achievement! Then a few short years later, in 2020 and 2021, Isaac was ranked among the top 20 selling agents in all of Minneapolis.

The focus Isaac has on the Urban communities in the Twin Cities truly set him apart from others. This skill set along with his friendly and charismatic personality makes the buying or selling process with Isaac by your side an enjoyable one. Isaac never doubted the industry and looks beyond a single transaction. His favorite part of being a real estate agent is the relationships he’s able to build and foster with his clients for years to come.

When Isaac isn’t working, he likes to explore the Minneapolis area. The local concert scene in the area is one of Isaac’s favorite activities. He also enjoys fitness and aims to be active every single day. When he has the time to step away from work, he likes to travel and experience all that different cities have to offer.

Isaac@DRGmpls.com - 651-238-1277

Patrick Carson - The Advisors MPLS

Patrick Carson

Patrick has spent nearly all of his 20 years in the Twin Cities living and working in Minneapolis. These years of experience have given him intimate knowledge of the heart of the city, invaluable contacts throughout the business world, and a great understanding of the downtown market. At the inception of DRG, Patrick joined founder Joe Grunnet as the Director of Leasing Services and spent over 15 years growing and developing the Leasing Division which has included overseeing private landlord investment property leasing, multi-family lease-up and third-party leasing services.

The results of his leadership have been consistent continued growth of the extremely successful Leasing Division of DRG, enjoying a dominant market share in the Minneapolis leasing market. Patrick has now transitioned into a new phase in his career now in the role of Director of Business Development, adding additional focus on investment properties sales, traditional real estate sales, and multi-family sales, leasing and development.

Patrick’s specialties include working with a spectrum of clients and matching the specific properties and investment opportunities with clients and customers who oftentimes require a high level of professionalism, discretion, knowledge and expertise. Patrick is tireless, dedicated, and even handed in his efforts to ensure all parties are part of a fair deal. Matching the most appealing properties and opportunities with the most particular clientele is what Patrick does best!

Patrick and his wife Deborah reside in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood of Minneapolis, where they are happily raising their beautiful daughters, Sydney and Simone.

Tim Carson - The Advisors MPLS

Tim Carson

Tim moved to the Twin Cities with his family in high school. Before coming to real estate, Tim worked in the military and the skilled trades. This gave him a lot of experience navigating complex problems that often had organizational, social and technical aspects. In his time at DRG, he worked his way from Leasing Assistant to Leasing Director. Along the way he has been involved in various types of rentals: single family homes, small 2-6 unit buildings, condos, townhomes, short-term furnished, large apartment buildings, and new building lease-ups.

Tim’s current focus is working with owners of privately owned homes, condos, and townhomes to lease out their properties and maintain the value of the property for a future sale. To be in a good future position, the listing process focuses on high quality marketing, diligent tenant screening, keeping the availability date on a good yearly cycle, and making decisions on improvements that bring value to the home.

Tim lives in the western suburbs with his two teenage children, Rachael and Daniel. He spends most of his free time driving them around to their activities.

Luke Mcdonough - The Advisors MPLS

Luke Mcdonough

Growing up, Luke always stayed up to date on all urban development taking place in Minneapolis. When he would hear of a new building going up, he would be the first one to tell all of his friends and family! While they maybe weren’t as passionate as him at the time, his love for the city persisted. Once his friends were ready to purchase a home, they knew they could turn to Luke as they discovered, like Luke, Minneapolis was the place to be!

With Minneapolis’ beautiful views, walkable neighborhoods, and countless events, it’s one of the most amazing cities in the United States. Whether you want to be in the North Loop, Uptown, Downtown, Mill District or Northeast, Luke is here to help you find the perfect spot to experience how truly wonderful the area is.