Introduction to Marquette Townhomes

Constructed in 1995, Marquette Townhomes presents a luxurious living experience in the Saint Anthony Main area, affectionately known as "Old Town." This exclusive enclave, comprising 30 units, offers a price range from $500,000 to $1,050,000. These townhomes stand out with their classic elegance, blending seamlessly into a neighborhood rich in history and charm.

Marquette Townhomes

More About Marquette Townhomes

Nestled right in the heart of the city along Bank & 2nd St SE, Marquette Townhomes is this little gem that perfectly balances modern living with a touch of history. Marquette Townhomes really offers the best of both worlds – stylish, comfortable living right in the heart of a neighborhood brimming with history and character. It's a great spot if you're looking to enjoy city life without giving up on having a cozy, personal space.

A Cozy Spot in a Lively Neighborhood

Living here, you're right next to some of the area's historic buildings, which means you've got all these great classic dining spots and shops just a stroll away. It's a vibrant neighborhood, but once you step inside your townhome, it feels like a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle.

Upscale Living with Old Town Charm

These townhomes aren't just about looking good (though they definitely do that); they're about giving you a tranquil space to call home. It's the kind of place that's perfect if you're looking for that upscale feel but still want to keep the quaint charm of Old Town.

Comprehensive HOA Dues Cover:

And don't worry about the nitty-gritty of home upkeep – the HOA's got you covered. We're talking about taking care of the building exterior, hazard insurance, lawn care, and all that snow removal in the winter. Plus, they handle sanitation and water/sewer services too.

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