31-53 Island Avenue W, Minneapolis, MN 55401  | Northeast

Built in 1984, Nicollet Island Condos offer a unique residential experience as one of only two condominium buildings on Nicollet Island. This exclusive community includes just 11 units, with price ranges from $290,000 to $550,000. The design thoughtfully mirrors the historic aesthetic of the island, ensuring a seamless blend with the surrounding heritage buildings.

West Island Condos

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Nicollet Island Condos stand out for their distinctive location and architectural harmony with the historic environment. The condos are designed to complement the older, historical buildings that are characteristic of Nicollet Island, providing a modern living experience in a setting steeped in history. Residents enjoy the tranquility of island living with the convenience of city access, making these condos a rare find. The building's facade, facing the street, is crafted to resonate with the architectural themes of its neighbors, offering a contemporary home experience without sacrificing the charm of the area’s rich past. This small community of condos is perfect for those looking to enjoy a unique blend of secluded, scenic living with proximity to urban amenities.